Are you an expat living in Prague and need help? Get in touch with Foreigners ASAP!

In our previous lives, some of us at GoFit have been exposed to the Czech real estate market and have worked with many (and many…) real estate agents.

However, very rarely we have come across an agency that takes care of your needs like this one. Normally, if you would be searching for a flat in Prague you would instruct an agent that would just find you one.

“For the past few years, Foreigners has done much more than just finding your apartment to rent.”

How does Foreigners actually provide the market with its added value? The company has built over the past several years such a unique expertise that can offer to its customers a range of services which to our knowledge no other agency can offer.

The firm is very extended in the Czech market (and planning to expand further out) having offices in several cities and one in Bratislava – Slovakia. As an agency with complex services for expats Foreigners focuses in assisting foreigners in finding the most suitable flat to their needs. Not only that, in this already difficult real estate market it offers an extra range of services that vary from assisting you in Visa applications, university applications and general enrolment matters, translation plus legalisation of documents. Foreigners does all of this on your behalf and you don’t need to move a single finger. It is familiar with local universities requirements and by having clients from all over the world it already knows how to move in order to tackle every legal and bureaucratic headache which may come up.

Foreigners commenced in 2009 from a flat which the two founders Andrea and Vojta shared as office to the current reality of over 40 employees and 7 offices all around the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

All of this to say that if you are in need of genuine assistance and guidance while just having moved to Prague (or anywhere else in the Czech Republic and the Slovakian capital city) then Foreigners is your natural choice.

We have recently joined forces with Foreigners as we both target the same customer market by adding value in several ways to our customers. We have recently met the team and have asked them what is the key of their success. The immediate reply that we got was care. Foreigners care about its customers and in going the extra mile for them not only in searching for the most suitable flat but also in assisting with all the extras.

You are in good hands with Foreigners and that’s what counts.