Every month, in November and December, my monthly mileage is not worth even mentioning. As soon as the first nursery virus is at home with us, we have two months in the rhymes and coughs. That’s why I’m without energy while I run through my daily duties, paradoxically, much less than the fact that I will have to have a long weekend run.

And because I was looking through the diet for most of my troubles, the thought sequence was as follows. Strengthen Immunity – promote intestinal microflora – prebiotic, probiotic diet.

Our intestinal microflora has a major impact on many body processes, starting with mood and better the absorption of nutrients, minerals and vitamins ends. A large number of bacteria coexist in the digestive tract. Your beneficial health maintains the digestive system in harmony and consequently contributes to the whole-body balance.

The proportion of favourable and unfavourable bacteria varies, in particular, in our diseases (especially if we use antibiotics or analgesics), stress (including intensive, regular workouts) and the influence of inappropriate diets (many sugars and industrially processed carbohydrates / low fibre).

In order to harmonize the intestines again, it is good to increase prebiotics and probiotics.

• Prebiotics: an indigestible food ingredient that promotes growth and beneficial intestinal activity microflora. Where are they? In root vegetables, onions, garlic, other kinds of vegetables and fruits with peel.

• Probiotics: A live culture with food or as a dietary supplement in capsules. Where is can we find? In white yoghurt with live cultures, acidophilic milk, ripened cheeses and fermented foods (cabbage or fermented food from Asian cuisine as a miso pasta, kimchi and soy sauce).
Capsule accessories are good for diseases. The only problem is that they are not always alive in them microorganisms are still living in the declared amount. In addition, it appears to be more beneficial to support (own) the microflora itself and allow it to gradually recover and regenerate.

Healthy bowels are not only the result of eating enough fibre and prebiotic aprobiotic foods, but also what we do not eat. We do not prescribe antibiotics and analgesics and we restrict it sugar with other unsuitable carbohydrates (white flour, processed foods as breakfast crisps, biscuits, etc.)

What to take from it when we are doing sports? A diet nourishing our intestinal microflora will improve our immune response, so we do not miss out on so many trainings due to viruses and we will not come up with a tightly-built condition. It can promote regeneration for training and definitely maintain a healthy digestive tract, so we avoid the intestinal problems.

I took my own advice on my heart, started to eat the cabbage regularly and I was slightly below the plan, it’s my most efficient running autumn since I got a child at the kindergarten.

This article is prepared for you by:

   Danica Dobisová
Psychologist and nutritional counsellor. I help people to lose weight without dieting and forever. I follow the principles of mindful eating and teach people what and when to eat and how to create healthy eating habits. Here is more information.
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