Running in cold weather

The purpose of this post is not to convince you to go out and run 20km in this cold weather. Probably those who like already do it and those who don’t…wait until the better season. The idea here is to bring to you more awareness to certain benefits of running in certain weather conditions.

When recently crossing the finish point of Tenerife’s marathon I came to the conclusion that I had lost my initial motivation for running. Too much running had exhausted me having completed 3 marathons and two half marathons in one year which had left me totally empty inside. So about a month ago I started to ask myself what do I still enjoy now about running? I was in Prague asking myself this question actually while running at -5c with tons of snow falling around me. The answer came instantly. I understood how much I love running in cold weather (reasonable cold weather at least! I am not that masochist yet). It might sound crazy but Naplavka is my place for a nice cold run in these days. Continue reading Running in cold weather

Kick off winter season with yoga

Most people do not like winter season for the simple reason that they would get sick easily. It starts with a cold that then gets worse and worse. Yoga can be your protective cover during cold months and helps you fight infections and laziness. We all know that feeling of hiding under the bed covers on a cold winter morning, however, do yourself a favor and make the effort to exercise yoga!

Check our 4 simple reasons why you should try it with yoga this winter. Continue reading Kick off winter season with yoga