Everyone knows someone who has lost weight after limiting or eliminating carbohydrates from their diet. At the same time, the myth that is growing is that you can’t lose weight while eating carbohydrates. So how is it?

Carbohydrates are our most important source of energy and we need the energy to live. The younger and physically active the more (and so vice versa).

So we can eat carbohydrates – some. There is a difference between carbohydrates.

Simple sugars (eg glucose, fructose) are problematic and are known for their sweet taste. You can eliminate them completely or reduce them significantly (ideally 5% of total carbohydrate intake). Fructose is the most problematic among simple sugars. Fructose can be industrially produced and used as a sweetener, directly or in the form of a syrup. After her use, much more than other sugars, new adipose tissue is formed. The body is not able to metabolize it effectively to energy, so it stores the unusable surplus as a fat supply.

In addition, white flour products, potatoes, and more than 1-2 pieces of fruit a day are still problematic.

Polysaccharides are a neutral energy source. One of the most important polysaccharides is fiber, which in turn supports our health and lean figure. Fat tissue does not form until our energy intake is repeatedly higher than our body’s needs. Simply put, when we eat more than we need.

Polysaccharides are the best in the most natural form. Millet, oatmeal, buckwheat, wild rice, quinoa, legumes. When pastry, so sourdough, rye, wholegrain. And most importantly. On an imaginary plate, carbohydrates take up 1/4 of the surface, no more.

When losing weight, I see it with carbohydrates as follows:

  • drinks just unsweetened, no lemonade and juices;
  • do not eat white flour, white rice, and their products (yes, neither puffed bread)
  • cut potatoes
  • dairy products only white, not flavored
  • no sweets bought (cookies, chocolates, donuts, cakes);
  • get rid of sweetened flavorings (ketchup, dressing) and processed foods overall;
  • bake at home only on special occasions and add only half of the sugar in the recipe;

Do you lose weight when you completely exclude carbohydrates? Certainly, because you will significantly reduce your energy intake. Will you last for a long time and will you enjoy it? The great majority of us do not and for you, the answer is a balance, adequate intake of all nutrients, and limitation of simple carbohydrates.

Danica Dobisová
Psychologist and nutritional counsellor. I help people to lose weight without dieting and forever. I follow the principles of mindful eating and teach people what and when to eat and how to create healthy eating habits. Here is more information.
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