I doubt anyone will be surprised that sports and no alcohol are good for us. Sports and alcohol are like day and night.

Let’s look at the areas in which sports benefit us and protect us:

  • maintains our optimum weight
  • benefits the muscles, bones and protects us against osteoporosis
  • after food there are no inflammatory conditions that can lead to atherosclerosis
  • can prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, locomotor system diseases and a number of tumors
  • contributes to increased mental well-being, reduces stress and anxiety
  • helps rest and quality sleep

And let’s see! They are almost exactly the same things that alcohol is destroying or expose us to a higher risk:

  • contributes to overweight, and consequently to other civilization illnesses
  • increases the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • increases the risk of digestive tract tumors
  • heats the liver and causes liver disease (cirrhosis, pancreatic inflammation)
  • it causes drowsiness and numbness, but it brings a shallow and poor sleep

Do you know what is the main factor that will prevent you from regular exercising? Alcohol. Being smoking will also do its own. Drinking alcohol takes a lot of time, among other things. As soon as a person stops drinking or significantly reduces their consumption, an unexpected space opens up to new activities that often involve sports and movement.

Alcohol and sport are not just what is bad or good for us. They are interconnected vessels – the more you put yourself into the life of one, the less space remains to the other.

Runners, fond of beer, please do not hate me. I also recall the conclusion of my fastest half-marathon, where during the last two kilometers I only had the vision of a depleted pint. But I did not drink a bottle of wine for the three months of the half-marathon training.

It always ends in one thing: what we want most in life and what we most value.

Danica Dobisová
Psychologist and nutritional counsellor. I help people to lose weight without dieting and forever. I follow the principles of mindful eating and teach people what and when to eat and how to create healthy eating habits. Here is more information.
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Making the right decision is the basis for a first small step toward regular exercise or sport activity. First, it is necessary to realise that motives for exercising or engaging in a sport vary. That‘s why we should custom tailor modest personal goals, which we then can achieve. Example. I want to get fit. A small target in this case may be to achieve climbing to the third floor, albeit slowly, but without loosing breath. We don’t need to chase some predefined time result per kilometer. That would cause us yet another pressure – a stressful situation of which we already have enough in our lives. In the beginning,
until we are trained, it is good to follow our feelings and these should certainly be pleasant.

The mental state in which one performs a certain activity most effectively is the state of “flow” also known as being “in the zone”. This state was first described by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
It is a state of concentration of attention toward an activity in which one does not perceive time, does not judge oneself. We are just totally absorbed by what we do. How do we achieve this?

1. Our basic needs should be fulfilled. For example, we should not be hungry or thirsty, we should have plenty of fresh air and we should have enough sleep. Then one should have one’s own reason why one wants to train. A given is that one is healthy and is not in pain. When we have a toothache, we will certainly not experience flow. It is essential from a training point of view to set a specific task which we are able to handle, but which is also a little more demanding, so it becomes a challenge. When I know that I can do ten squats easily, I will try to do twelve, or five squats on a balance board. That is the basis of motivation.

2. The conditions in which we find ourselves are also of key importance. That’s why you should choose a place to train in which you feel comfortable. If I do not like a lot of people around, I choose a fitness centre, which is smaller, or a time, which is less busy. If you like music, prepare it in advance in a way that it will pleasantly accompany you and motivate you. Clothing need not copy the latest trend. It should be functional to suck up the sweat well and in the case of outdoors to prevent the body from becoming chilled, for example from the wind. It is important for the clothes to feel comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Social support is important for continued motivation. It can be your friend or partner. It’s someone who either trains with us or supports and stimulates us continuously, even if we do not feel up to it. Just a call with a gentle nudge “I hope you are already putting your shoes on! ” feels good. If we don’t happen to have someone like that already, don’t be embarrassed to ask someone from your surrounding.

The more we experience the state of flow in the training, the more we are motivated and the desired effect will arrive sooner. Finally, remember that even if you did not find the time to go to the gym today, do just a few exercises at home or at work. „To stay connected is easier than to start from scratch“.

This article is prepared for you by:

pastedGraphic.png   Klaudia Zusková

Expert in Sport and Exercise Psychology




When we talk about coffee, we are really talking about caffeine.

What about caffeine and sports?

Even 15 years ago, caffeine (in large quantities) was unauthorized by doping. Now is no longer on the list of unauthorized substances, its effect on performance is not as pronounced as expected, but the effect is there.

Coffee (unfiltered with caffeine) has so many positive effects that I personally feel sorry that my liquid drug has to be black tea. It protects blood vessels and prevents atherosclerosis. It prevents also the development type 2 diabetes. It has an antitumor effect, it stimulates the protective enzymes that helps to transform in the liver of external substance, especially carcinogens from sausages, moulds, fuel mixtures and tar. The safe quantity of coffee is 2-5 cups a day.

Coffee stimulates muscle and heart performance, stimulates adrenaline secretion and mobilizes fat as a source of energy, all of which increases aerobic performance. In the short term, our alertness and attention will increase our perception of effort and fatigue and stabilizes the mood. However, before you mentally categorize coffee among superfoods, you must consider the following. Coffee is a diuretic, so in an incorrect drinking regime it dehydrates and can cause kidney problems.

Coffee is a diuretic, so in an incorrect drinking regime it dehydrates and can cause kidney problems. It causes a mild dependence that is manifested by withdrawal symptoms for several days like irritation, restlessness, headaches and insomnia. It reduces the amount of absorbed iron, while athletes (and women in particular) have higher demands on iron intake and must be prudent in view of its absorption. At least it is important to drink coffee from a few hours away from an iron-rich meal.

The effect of coffee varies depending on the genotype. Some people do not respond to caffeine with improved performance or delayed fatigue. In the best case, caffeine simply does not work. (Did I say I have been drinking tea? It energizes me and wakes as if the coffee never goes.) In the worst case, their performance will get worse due to digestive problems (diarrhoea or convulsions).

Coffee only changes our perception of fatigue in the short term. With long-term use, we will learn to suppress our need to rest and work under pressure for a little longer, but the true fatigue and difficulty of chronic stress will still be lurking beneath the surface. A varied diet of real foods, enough sleep and mental rest assures us enough energy for sports and for a healthy, sustainable lifeway.

What to take from that?

Paracelsus figured it out: “Solely the dose determines that a thing is not a poison”.

If your coffee gets you a good start and you have it tested in training, you can give it a one-time boost for your high intensity endurance performance (cycling, swimming, running, rowing, triathlon). Dosage is either an hour before the start of sports performance (safe dose is 3mg caffeine per day)1kg of your weight), or slightly smaller amounts of power during your exercise. In life and in common practice, you’ll discover more varied ways to improve your performance and feel energised.

This article is prepared for you by..

    Danica Dobisová
Psychologist and nutritional counsellor. I help people to lose weight without dieting and forever. I follow the principles of mindful eating and teach people what and when to eat and how to create healthy eating habits. Here is more information.
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GoFit’s & Foreigners Sports MeetUp

About 30 people turned up on a sunny Saturday morning in Grebovka to complete a number of sports activities. Looked interesting that all of them were not affected too much by their Friday night but willing to push themselves beyond their limits.

The first session was a yoga session conducted by Alice of Yogalive. It was a relaxing session where Alice conducted the class through various yoga positions, stretching and meditation – relaxation exercises.

We then had Roman Lejcko of Factory Pro conducting a killer conditioning
session where everybody under his guidance enjoyed testing if they were fit
enough to complete a Fat Amy course. Who those who don’t know (and nobody
knew Saturday morning) a Fat Amy is made of a circuit of burpees, squats, crawls, lungees and other exercises that simply make you cry with a smile on your face. Just for information the whole circuit had to be completed within 20min.

We then split the session between those that wanted to go for a 5km run in the
park and those that wanted to have a foam rolling session and listen to nutrition
guidance with the guys from Moosepower  a Czech based company that focuses on providing various services in the field of adult physical performances and mental strength development. As a note 5 people took part to the running session as everyone else were more into a recovery session with Moosepower. A well done for the 5 that did it considering Roman’s session…

Both GoFit and Foreigners are very pleased with the feedback and are considering organising a new one for next month so stay tuned for more info!!!

Thank you again for your warm participation and hope that the recovery went smooth!

Don’t you want to sweat loads Saturday morning?

One has to consider that regular fitness activity doesn’t just help you to achieve an immediate aesthetic result, i.e. to have a flatter belly for men or a nicer silhouette for ladies.

Medical advice has now proven that regular exercise can be used as real medical therapy – especially when living as an expat: health is definitely something you shouldn’t take easy!

That’s why we decided together with to organize a sport meet up and as the weather is almost summerish it happened outside in the park. And you know what? We had loads of fun while exercising.

Our first sport meet up happened last Saturday in Stromovka park, which is a beautiful park in the Holesovice district.

We were lucky to have some great weather which just supported the great day we had. Our sport meet up started at 10am with a nice and calm yoga session conducted by Alice, an amazing yoga teacher from Yogalive studio in Prague. Together we welcomed the day and got ready for another sports challenge.

After yoga we had a little break and we continued with a 45min cardio, which was a little bit challenging but ended up with loads of laugh. As we have been in really good shape and mood, we all went for a nice 4km run around Stromovka.

After 2 hours of exercising we all sat down in the park and exchanged our thoughts about the event and life. We all had a great funny day, met new people and decided to organize a furthersports meet up soon – but stay tuned it will be with picnic after!

In the meantime, check our website and and stay tuned to our next sport meet up.