Staying alive during office hours


Do you ever finish at work simply feeling too tired to go to the gym? Happens all the time, right? Do you ever feel that you cannot stay fit, gain muscle, or lose fat because you are sitting at your desk for too long?

Here are few practical solutions for you:
1. Standing workstation – when you stand you not only up regulate your metabolic rate, but you increase  activity of fat burning enzymes. In addition, if you are sitting continuously for 2 hours or longer in the office, research has shown that you have higher risk of chronic disease.
2.Reminder apps – These apps can remind you to get up and walk around or do some kind of movement activity
3.Body tracking devices – By keeping  track of any of these, you can inspire yourself to move more and even engage in contests and social accountability activities with others
4.Walk as much as possible – For example, if you have a meeting, do not taking it sitting down. Instead, schedule it so that you are walking around the block with your meeting partner
5.Change sitting and standing – the most effective way how to use the standing desk is to sit for 30 minutes and then stand for 30 minutes and so on.. It is that movement between postures that is getting your metabolism going
6. Do not skip breakfast and pack your own food – If you are always in a rush, pack your own healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks. Do not go for fast food unhealthy option just because you do not have time to get something healthy
7. Drink loads of water – Drinking enough water ( 8-10 glasses ) not only helps you keep you weight but it is also golden for your skin and keeps you hydrated and focus.