Psychologists have been more intensively engaged with people’s mental well-being (people’s happiness) in the past twenty years. Martin Seligman has named five key areas that make up our mental well-being. These are positive emotions, positive relationships, flow, meaningfulness and successful performance. From this point of view, a toast sausage or sipping at a campfire clearly increases our mental well-being.

Let’s, however, look at how it looks on a plate. There are foods that will contribute to our sense of happiness and then are foods that are better avoided.

When we lose our mental happiness it is very important to pay attention to our diet especially when we feel longer exhaustion, irritation, and nervousness. We focus poorly, we are drowning in negative emotions, and we often have a melancholic mood. We are experiencing anxiety, depression and we cannot sleep.

The cause may be in the lack of vitamins B1, B3 and magnesium. These microelements keep our muscles and nerves system in good condition, participate in metabolic processes, and in the case of magnesium act directly as anti-stress. We need to accept them in the diet, the body does not create them. Be careful! Frequent consumption of sugar and alcohol exhaust their stocks two to three times faster.

Fortunately, there is a lot of food to supplement.

The following foods are Rich in vitamins B1, B3 and magnesium:

  • Nuts (especially almonds)
  • legumes
  • legumes and cereal sprouts
  • Flax seeds and linseed oil
  • oatmeal
  • fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Meat, liver and intestines
  • eggs
  • Mineral water Magnesium(source of magnesium)

Our mental well-being consists of many different parts. I do not give up whiskey and beer at my campfire. Sitting with friends eating any type of food is, of course, valuable. Equally valuable is eating a varied fresh diet. Prepare a warm oatmeal in winter mixedwith linseed and fruit, make a large pot of chilli con carne, some desserts, omit and reduce alcohol. The comfort foodmust be full of vitamins B1, B3 and magnesium, and we must it over and over again.

Danica Dobisová
Psychologist and nutritional counsellor. I help people to lose weight without dieting and forever. I follow the principles of mindful eating and teach people what and when to eat and how to create healthy eating habits. Here is more information.
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