Everyone wants to achieve something in life. For most people, the journey begins by setting a specific, challenging, achievable goal.

Some time ago I set my goal to finish half marathon run. Exactly how the goal supposed to be my goal was to be challenging, measurable, motivating, realistic and exciting. I did not forget to visualize the achievement of the goal, I saw myself crossing the finish line and felt the right excitement, joy, and satisfaction from completing the race.

 I chose the proper training process to achieve a reasonable 2 hours for me to run the half marathon. I found and studied information about what I need to complete the run, I divided my training into weekly sections, running, fitness and strength training sessions as well as days and ways to relax and unwind. So I went on a training trip to a half marathon race. I’ve enjoyed whole training time and then the day D came and I was standing at the start of the race. The whole race, 21 kilometers was amazing. I ran relaxed and enjoyed every meter of the track. And then.  After crossing the finish line and tearing the finish tape was … the end. Goal accomplished. The feeling of pride and satisfaction but very soon outweighed feelings like – What next? I realized that the great process to reach my dream was over and I had to find and set another, different goal. I had to revise my dreams again and choose another one.

 That was probably the most challenging part of the process. I realized that the goal itself was not really the most important thing. It actually served as a beacon to which I’ve been heading. I changed the word goal to the word destination. As a place to arrive and then I can go on. I realized that the path that leads to the destination is the most important and entertaining part of the process. It is the strategy that keeps conscious control of each step. Do you think that when you focus instead of goal rather on strategy, on the quality of your training, do you reach the goal? I think so. To me, it sounds like the goal says: „you’re not good enough. Once you’ll reach me you’ll be good and happy“. Kind distressing, isn’t it?

 Still, I don’t mean to say that the goals are useless. We know where we are going, where we want to arrive. By my experience as a coach and human, I‘m sure much more effective is to focus on the system. The process and every single step we bravely take towards the goal. And of course, because the present moment can change things during the process, our direction and goal may change. We can find that our preferences and expectations have changed on the way. For example, from the half marathon, the entire marathon is the goal. But the path we are going through continues every step forward. So think about the strategy, the process that accompanies us at every step of what we do. Aiming to what and who we want to be is crucial. That’s what I really enjoy. And remember. We’re always good enough.

Are your steps well planned? Let‘s go!

This article is prepared for you by:

Roman Lejčko

Life Coach and Personal Trainer. I help others on their way to a great physical and mental condition. Looking back over my life experiences I see the progress of human life is going through. Not always easy with lots of challenges. I’m here to guide you through challenges on your life path down to joyful life. Some more info about me.


Did you answer questions from the previous issue? What are your answers? Honest, clear, concrete, speak to you from the soul and especially motivate you? What is that motivation? There are many definitions, so what we have to take from them. We have the ability to motivate ourselves. And only we have that. We can not motivate others, nor can others motivate us. It just does not work that way. Motivation is only our own. It’s a kind of driving force of our behavior. So what do we really want? But how to figure out what’s motivates us and activates us?

The reason is always our need. Biological needs (respiration, food, sleep, etc.) and social needs (love, happiness, home, awards, etc.). Our motivation, that is, our need must be strong enough to make it happen. So we should realize what we expect and what our resolutions will bring us. Introducing the desired outcome as it will be when we get it is a confirmation of our motivation. The idea will help us realize what we really want, how it looks, while motivating us and giving us self-confidence. And motivation really arises only when we know well why we do or don’t do it. Thanks to motivation, we get to the action, and we put our hands to the work.

Now, let me talk a little about our brain. The most powerful computer of all time, no one has ever invented better one. The brain is much more than just a device for thinking. His main intention is to keep us alive. Our brain is deciding whether the world around us is dangerous or useful for a particular purpose. It is a machine for creating neurosciences, creating millions for every second. The brain stores everything it can, new ideas or behaviors use what is called “working memory”, which is a very limited source for the brain. For this reason, any behavior, thought, or activity we repeat becomes a long-term memory. Our permanent entries affect the automatic perception. As a result, people perceive the world based on their opinions and attitudes instead of seeing things as they are or what they might be. It is virtually impossible to remove old records. Attention itself creates a change in the brain. It means that trying to get rid of something by thinking about it is often ineffective – in the end, it will be even stronger. But it’s easy to create new records. Creating new circuits can be quite simple. To build long-term circuits (permanent registrations), it is crucial to develop great attention. It’s just the focus of attention that changes the brain over time.

And now we go to practice to start creating new circuits and writings in our brains. We formulate our goals, dreams and desires. We will learn how to dock them in our mind and how to achieve their fulfillment. Knowing your destination, your destination, we give the brain clear signals and messages. Exactly what he needs for his efficient work.

Count on spending an hour by thinking about where you want to be, what you want to become, what you want to do, what you want to see, create, and experience. You set goals and results. Develop a map of the paths that your life will take. One alert right from the start: Discard all the limitations, do not think about what is and is not possible. Restricted goals limit your life. The only thing you cannot discard is your intelligence and your sanity. By imagining absurd goals, you would waste your precious energy and send it in a useless direction. The only way you formulate your expectations is to decide what you want. So once again! Keep the following five rules.

  1. Describe your goals with positive expressions. Say what happens. Not what you do not want.
  2. Be as specific as much as possible.How it sounds, smells. Engage all your senses.
  3. Set the proof that the target has been reached.You need to know how it will look when you reach your goal. What will you feel?
  4. Keep the whole process under control. Youhave to own and maintain your goals yourself. Nobody else. Do not impose anything on anyone. Not even your family, your friends or anyone else has the power as you yourself, if you decide.
  5. Make sure your goal is human and ethical.What is the impact of meeting your goal for your neighborhood? Your goal must be to the benefit of other people.

Everyone has a certain idea of ​​the things we want. Quite often they are also somewhat vague – more love, more money, fewer kilos, more sports. If we are motivated to achieve the right result, our goals must be clear and more specific than the concept of the trained body, the bold balance in the account, the new car or the house.

When setting up our goals, we can see that some of us have been holding for years, others will be defining for the first time. But we have to make conscious decisions about what we want. Consciousness of what we want is the basis for what we really get.

As next step we got into the practice. Are you ready?

Roman Lejčko

Life Coach and Personal Trainer. I help others on their way to a great physical and mental condition. Looking back over my life experiences I see the progress of human life is going through. Not always easy with lots of challenges. I’m here to guide you through challenges on your life path down to joyful life. Some more info about me.


There is a new year and a new opportunity to do something different to get different results in some areas of our lives than we have done so far. I really like a quote: “If you keep on doing what you have always done, you will keep on being what you have always been. Nothing changes unless you make it change”.

Exactly. We are talking about change here. And New Year is one of the occasions to change things. I say one, not the only one. I’m sure you have set many times on various resolutions to start or end up doing something in order being more satisfied than ever before. And then, within two months, the set resolution suddenly dissipated like steam above the pot. I know at least one such person �� We simply do not realise that change and its successful completion requires time and effort. We want everything right now, and we do not realise that patience is one of the most important features to meet our goals.

Creating what we want to change has taken some time. But we would like to change it overnight. Just before falling asleep place a wish and waking up in the morning as someone else. But ouch. In the morning we find that nothing has changed itself that we will have to do something again and again to change.

Motivation “Whoever wants to win must start.”

I think the most important part of fulfilling our resolutions is why we are doing it all. Yes, it’s our motivation. What do we really want? What should be at the end of our efforts? How does it look and what do we actually feel? Can we be specific enough to target our next destination? What, then, is our need to be fulfilled? It’s a lot of questions. Only when we really know why we do or don’t do it can motivation arise. But don’t get mistaken. Nobody else can motivate us. It is not possible. We can only motivate ourselves. Someone or something else can only help us, support us. But the main part of the job is just ours. And then thanks to motivation, we start the action, do anything needed and set out on the road. Did you ask yourself the inquisitive questions that show you the way?

For example:

What do I really want?

When I want it to happen?

What does it look like?

Is it really about me?

Is the fulfillment of my goals a benefit to me and others?

If you have answered your questions clearly and specifically, we may step to the next level to set our goals up. And we will do it next time …

This article is prepared for you by:

Roman Lejčko

Life Coach and Personal Trainer. I help others on their way to a great physical and mental condition. Looking back over my life experiences I see the progress of human life is going through. Not always easy with lots of challenges. I’m here to guide you through challenges on your life path down to joyful life. Some more info about me.