I doubt anyone will be surprised that sports and no alcohol are good for us. Sports and alcohol are like day and night.

Let’s look at the areas in which sports benefit us and protect us:

  • maintains our optimum weight
  • benefits the muscles, bones and protects us against osteoporosis
  • after food there are no inflammatory conditions that can lead to atherosclerosis
  • can prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, locomotor system diseases and a number of tumors
  • contributes to increased mental well-being, reduces stress and anxiety
  • helps rest and quality sleep

And let’s see! They are almost exactly the same things that alcohol is destroying or expose us to a higher risk:

  • contributes to overweight, and consequently to other civilization illnesses
  • increases the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • increases the risk of digestive tract tumors
  • heats the liver and causes liver disease (cirrhosis, pancreatic inflammation)
  • it causes drowsiness and numbness, but it brings a shallow and poor sleep

Do you know what is the main factor that will prevent you from regular exercising? Alcohol. Being smoking will also do its own. Drinking alcohol takes a lot of time, among other things. As soon as a person stops drinking or significantly reduces their consumption, an unexpected space opens up to new activities that often involve sports and movement.

Alcohol and sport are not just what is bad or good for us. They are interconnected vessels – the more you put yourself into the life of one, the less space remains to the other.

Runners, fond of beer, please do not hate me. I also recall the conclusion of my fastest half-marathon, where during the last two kilometers I only had the vision of a depleted pint. But I did not drink a bottle of wine for the three months of the half-marathon training.

It always ends in one thing: what we want most in life and what we most value.

Danica Dobisová
Psychologist and nutritional counsellor. I help people to lose weight without dieting and forever. I follow the principles of mindful eating and teach people what and when to eat and how to create healthy eating habits. Here is more information.
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Why GoFit helps you to find your best fitness solution?

While the summer season approaches we thought it would be beneficial to list some of the unique benefits that GoFit has been bringing to you since its first inception so that you can maximise the best that you can out of it.

 Flexibility in your decision

GoFit is flexible, no question about that. It has been built to serve you and your daily/weekly schedule. You are able to access a unique network of facilities any time of the day. You don’t need any membership, card or pay hidden fees. It doesn’t matter when you purchase a pass all you need to know is that you will not be asked for any membership reference. Further, it is really practical if you are travelling either for pleasure or for business. All you need is your booking reference that you receive via email from us. You can now swap the below average hotel gym for something proper that can give you the confidence that you need.

 Value for money and time

GoFit brings value for money. You can access studios and facilities at discounted prices. You will not be paying the prices that others do when they purchase a pass through other portals.

GoFit brings value for time. With our system you can find your studio is short time. You won’t need to spend interminable hours in front of a computer to find the best facility. We have calculated that it takes you on average 3min 34 seconds to search, book you pass and receive you email confirmation. A clear 56min24seconds save on your time.

 Variety of fitness facilities

GoFit is Prague’s first aggregator of facilities. Our system aggregates into one different gyms, yoga studios and swimming pools. From your phone you can have access to this aggregator. You do not need anything else. Different facilities in one go. You can now go one place and at the same conditions go to another with no headaches.

GoFit is in other words a unique aggregator of the best fitness studios, classes and sports experiences that you can access whenever you want and in whichever way you wish all from one account.

Don’t you want to sweat loads Saturday morning?

One has to consider that regular fitness activity doesn’t just help you to achieve an immediate aesthetic result, i.e. to have a flatter belly for men or a nicer silhouette for ladies.

Medical advice has now proven that regular exercise can be used as real medical therapy – especially when living as an expat: health is definitely something you shouldn’t take easy!

That’s why we decided together with to organize a sport meet up and as the weather is almost summerish it happened outside in the park. And you know what? We had loads of fun while exercising.

Our first sport meet up happened last Saturday in Stromovka park, which is a beautiful park in the Holesovice district.

We were lucky to have some great weather which just supported the great day we had. Our sport meet up started at 10am with a nice and calm yoga session conducted by Alice, an amazing yoga teacher from Yogalive studio in Prague. Together we welcomed the day and got ready for another sports challenge.

After yoga we had a little break and we continued with a 45min cardio, which was a little bit challenging but ended up with loads of laugh. As we have been in really good shape and mood, we all went for a nice 4km run around Stromovka.

After 2 hours of exercising we all sat down in the park and exchanged our thoughts about the event and life. We all had a great funny day, met new people and decided to organize a furthersports meet up soon – but stay tuned it will be with picnic after!

In the meantime, check our website and and stay tuned to our next sport meet up.