Prague Half Marathon Part II

51 Days to go!

The best way that I have to test if I am ready for a marathon is to actually run the half marathon. I figured this out by reading a great book about running written by Murakami – What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.

I know, I know it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out by yourself but I must admit that Murakami’s book is one of the best about running. Prague’s half marathon is fascinating for several reasons. One, is because it has been my first half marathon and secondly because the city is flat and allows for a nice steady fast race. The half marathon will allow you to see several parts of the city that I consider amazing. In chronological order if you decided to take up the run you will see the following spots:

Stating point – Namesti Jan Palach – This is right next to one of the most beautiful musics that one can imagine, The Rudolfinum. If you are in Prague for a couple of days I strongly advise you to go for a visit here. I have only seen something as spectacular in Palermo when at Teatro Massimo in Palermo.

Between Km 2 & 8 you will be running through close to the Vltava to get into briefly Albertov. The Vltava especially with the spring and summer season is a great place for any type of activities like running, kayaking or simply walking through Naplavka’s bio market.

You will be passing Palack’s bridge to get through to Prague 5. You will eventually have the Vltava on your left while you go all the way down to come back up. Around Km 10 you will be crossing two bridges, the Hlakuv and Libensky bridges. The latter one leads to a very uprising young area of Prague, Holesovice where one can findplenty of bars, restaurants or coffee places. There are also two beautiful parks where can one can train, Letná & Stromovka.

Once crossed Libensky Bridge you will basically be in Karlin and you will be running always with the River next to you on your right side. Then at Km 20 you will cross your final bridge, Čechův Bridge to then reach your finish point at Jan Palack Square!

It is a nice run where you will have the chance to see a few things of Prague. Most notably of the spots describe above I would keep an eye on the Rudolfinum, every bridge is characteristic and anywhere close to the river Vltava (basically the whole half marathon!!!!).