There is a new year and a new opportunity to do something different to get different results in some areas of our lives than we have done so far. I really like a quote: “If you keep on doing what you have always done, you will keep on being what you have always been. Nothing changes unless you make it change”.

Exactly. We are talking about change here. And New Year is one of the occasions to change things. I say one, not the only one. I’m sure you have set many times on various resolutions to start or end up doing something in order being more satisfied than ever before. And then, within two months, the set resolution suddenly dissipated like steam above the pot. I know at least one such person �� We simply do not realise that change and its successful completion requires time and effort. We want everything right now, and we do not realise that patience is one of the most important features to meet our goals.

Creating what we want to change has taken some time. But we would like to change it overnight. Just before falling asleep place a wish and waking up in the morning as someone else. But ouch. In the morning we find that nothing has changed itself that we will have to do something again and again to change.

Motivation “Whoever wants to win must start.”

I think the most important part of fulfilling our resolutions is why we are doing it all. Yes, it’s our motivation. What do we really want? What should be at the end of our efforts? How does it look and what do we actually feel? Can we be specific enough to target our next destination? What, then, is our need to be fulfilled? It’s a lot of questions. Only when we really know why we do or don’t do it can motivation arise. But don’t get mistaken. Nobody else can motivate us. It is not possible. We can only motivate ourselves. Someone or something else can only help us, support us. But the main part of the job is just ours. And then thanks to motivation, we start the action, do anything needed and set out on the road. Did you ask yourself the inquisitive questions that show you the way?

For example:

What do I really want?

When I want it to happen?

What does it look like?

Is it really about me?

Is the fulfillment of my goals a benefit to me and others?

If you have answered your questions clearly and specifically, we may step to the next level to set our goals up. And we will do it next time …

This article is prepared for you by:

Roman Lejčko

Life Coach and Personal Trainer. I help others on their way to a great physical and mental condition. Looking back over my life experiences I see the progress of human life is going through. Not always easy with lots of challenges. I’m here to guide you through challenges on your life path down to joyful life. Some more info about me.


Every month, in November and December, my monthly mileage is not worth even mentioning. As soon as the first nursery virus is at home with us, we have two months in the rhymes and coughs. That’s why I’m without energy while I run through my daily duties, paradoxically, much less than the fact that I will have to have a long weekend run.

And because I was looking through the diet for most of my troubles, the thought sequence was as follows. Strengthen Immunity – promote intestinal microflora – prebiotic, probiotic diet.

Our intestinal microflora has a major impact on many body processes, starting with mood and better the absorption of nutrients, minerals and vitamins ends. A large number of bacteria coexist in the digestive tract. Your beneficial health maintains the digestive system in harmony and consequently contributes to the whole-body balance.

The proportion of favourable and unfavourable bacteria varies, in particular, in our diseases (especially if we use antibiotics or analgesics), stress (including intensive, regular workouts) and the influence of inappropriate diets (many sugars and industrially processed carbohydrates / low fibre).

In order to harmonize the intestines again, it is good to increase prebiotics and probiotics.

• Prebiotics: an indigestible food ingredient that promotes growth and beneficial intestinal activity microflora. Where are they? In root vegetables, onions, garlic, other kinds of vegetables and fruits with peel.

• Probiotics: A live culture with food or as a dietary supplement in capsules. Where is can we find? In white yoghurt with live cultures, acidophilic milk, ripened cheeses and fermented foods (cabbage or fermented food from Asian cuisine as a miso pasta, kimchi and soy sauce).
Capsule accessories are good for diseases. The only problem is that they are not always alive in them microorganisms are still living in the declared amount. In addition, it appears to be more beneficial to support (own) the microflora itself and allow it to gradually recover and regenerate.

Healthy bowels are not only the result of eating enough fibre and prebiotic aprobiotic foods, but also what we do not eat. We do not prescribe antibiotics and analgesics and we restrict it sugar with other unsuitable carbohydrates (white flour, processed foods as breakfast crisps, biscuits, etc.)

What to take from it when we are doing sports? A diet nourishing our intestinal microflora will improve our immune response, so we do not miss out on so many trainings due to viruses and we will not come up with a tightly-built condition. It can promote regeneration for training and definitely maintain a healthy digestive tract, so we avoid the intestinal problems.

I took my own advice on my heart, started to eat the cabbage regularly and I was slightly below the plan, it’s my most efficient running autumn since I got a child at the kindergarten.

This article is prepared for you by:

   Danica Dobisová
Psychologist and nutritional counsellor. I help people to lose weight without dieting and forever. I follow the principles of mindful eating and teach people what and when to eat and how to create healthy eating habits. Here is more information.
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Making the right decision is the basis for a first small step toward regular exercise or sport activity. First, it is necessary to realise that motives for exercising or engaging in a sport vary. That‘s why we should custom tailor modest personal goals, which we then can achieve. Example. I want to get fit. A small target in this case may be to achieve climbing to the third floor, albeit slowly, but without loosing breath. We don’t need to chase some predefined time result per kilometer. That would cause us yet another pressure – a stressful situation of which we already have enough in our lives. In the beginning,
until we are trained, it is good to follow our feelings and these should certainly be pleasant.

The mental state in which one performs a certain activity most effectively is the state of “flow” also known as being “in the zone”. This state was first described by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
It is a state of concentration of attention toward an activity in which one does not perceive time, does not judge oneself. We are just totally absorbed by what we do. How do we achieve this?

1. Our basic needs should be fulfilled. For example, we should not be hungry or thirsty, we should have plenty of fresh air and we should have enough sleep. Then one should have one’s own reason why one wants to train. A given is that one is healthy and is not in pain. When we have a toothache, we will certainly not experience flow. It is essential from a training point of view to set a specific task which we are able to handle, but which is also a little more demanding, so it becomes a challenge. When I know that I can do ten squats easily, I will try to do twelve, or five squats on a balance board. That is the basis of motivation.

2. The conditions in which we find ourselves are also of key importance. That’s why you should choose a place to train in which you feel comfortable. If I do not like a lot of people around, I choose a fitness centre, which is smaller, or a time, which is less busy. If you like music, prepare it in advance in a way that it will pleasantly accompany you and motivate you. Clothing need not copy the latest trend. It should be functional to suck up the sweat well and in the case of outdoors to prevent the body from becoming chilled, for example from the wind. It is important for the clothes to feel comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Social support is important for continued motivation. It can be your friend or partner. It’s someone who either trains with us or supports and stimulates us continuously, even if we do not feel up to it. Just a call with a gentle nudge “I hope you are already putting your shoes on! ” feels good. If we don’t happen to have someone like that already, don’t be embarrassed to ask someone from your surrounding.

The more we experience the state of flow in the training, the more we are motivated and the desired effect will arrive sooner. Finally, remember that even if you did not find the time to go to the gym today, do just a few exercises at home or at work. „To stay connected is easier than to start from scratch“.

This article is prepared for you by:

pastedGraphic.png   Klaudia Zusková

Expert in Sport and Exercise Psychology




Coconut oil is an excellent product to buy. It exudes exoticism, looks interesting and offers us visions of beach holidays.

Should we therefore buy it?

First let’s discuss some theory. The quality of oil or fat is judged by its building blocks, i.e its oily acids. Fatty acids consist of carbon chains that are short (up to 6 carbons), medium-long (6-12 carbons) or long (12 or more carbons).

We then recognize saturated (single carbon bonds), monounsaturated (one double bond) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (more than one double bond).

We eat healthily when the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and fatty acids predominate in the food medium-length chain.

They are usable as a source of energy and some are essential as our body does not know how to create them and needs to get them in sufficient amount of food).

It is most commonly found in plants like nuts and seeds, but also in fish.

In contrast, saturated fatty acids contribute to increase cholesterol levels or atherosclerosis (an inflammatory disease of the blood vessels in which fat is deposited in the vessel wall). Fatty acids with long chain are not used as a direct source of energy but are transported by our blood to the ditches and in that way the part is saved. It is mainly found in animal fats.

I think that at this point, the memory of the smell of coconut oil has faded in your mind, and you now remember your school lab exercises in chemistry. Excellent!

Now we can look at coconut oil uninterestedly.

Coconut oil, despite its vegetable origin, has a composition similar to animal fats. Therefore, it is stiff and should be named coconut fat. 90% of its fatty acids are saturated (by the way, butter has only 68% and lard even just 41%) and almost half of its fatty acids have a long carbon chain. Not even the presence of essential fatty acids – not worth mentioning. Much more valuable in this respect are our local oils – rapeseed and linseed. So what about coconut oil?

If you want to highlight its exoticness and coconut in a meal, calmly in the kitchen occasionally use, the world (or your healthy eating) will not shrink.

But otherwise, I would, especially in winter, move it into the bathroom. It is good for dry skin, sore spots, cracked lips or thorough relaxation.

This article is prepared for you by:

   Danica Dobisová
Psychologist and nutritional counsellor. I help people to lose weight without dieting and forever. I follow the principles of mindful eating and teach people what and when to eat and how to create healthy eating habits. Here is more information.
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Hi GoFitters!

Weekend is coming and as temperatures outside are starting to drop, nothing is better on a lazy Saturday morning than a nice and long breakfast in bed. However, we all want to keep fit and still having our food tasty we came across an amazing recipe to prepare a banana oat pancake.

These are gluten-free, diary-free and without sugar but I can garantee you will love it! To prepare this delicious and healthy pancakes you will need just 7 ingredients and the best thing is you will be done in 15minutes!

Check out this easy and healthy recipe and make your Saturday morning tasty.

  • 1/2 cup Almond Milk unsweetened
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Egg White
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Tablespoons 100% Real Maple Syrup
  • 1 1/2 cups Rolled Oats (I use Gluten-Free)
  • 2 teaspoons Baking Powder
  • 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon Salt
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla optional
Toppings Ideas:
  • Fresh Berries
  • Maple Syrup
  • Sliced Fresh Banana 
  • Sliced Almonds or nuts
  1. Put in blender Almond Milk, eggs, egg white, banana, maple syrup,  oats, baking powder and salt.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Heat skillet over medium heat. Once warmed, spray with non-stick cooking spray or place coconut oil or butter in skillet. Pour pancake batter into skillet in round circles.
  4. Cook for 2-3 minutes on one side. Turn over and cook for another 1-2 minutes.
  5. Put on your favorite toppings

Bon Appetit from your GoFit team!




When we talk about coffee, we are really talking about caffeine.

What about caffeine and sports?

Even 15 years ago, caffeine (in large quantities) was unauthorized by doping. Now is no longer on the list of unauthorized substances, its effect on performance is not as pronounced as expected, but the effect is there.

Coffee (unfiltered with caffeine) has so many positive effects that I personally feel sorry that my liquid drug has to be black tea. It protects blood vessels and prevents atherosclerosis. It prevents also the development type 2 diabetes. It has an antitumor effect, it stimulates the protective enzymes that helps to transform in the liver of external substance, especially carcinogens from sausages, moulds, fuel mixtures and tar. The safe quantity of coffee is 2-5 cups a day.

Coffee stimulates muscle and heart performance, stimulates adrenaline secretion and mobilizes fat as a source of energy, all of which increases aerobic performance. In the short term, our alertness and attention will increase our perception of effort and fatigue and stabilizes the mood. However, before you mentally categorize coffee among superfoods, you must consider the following. Coffee is a diuretic, so in an incorrect drinking regime it dehydrates and can cause kidney problems.

Coffee is a diuretic, so in an incorrect drinking regime it dehydrates and can cause kidney problems. It causes a mild dependence that is manifested by withdrawal symptoms for several days like irritation, restlessness, headaches and insomnia. It reduces the amount of absorbed iron, while athletes (and women in particular) have higher demands on iron intake and must be prudent in view of its absorption. At least it is important to drink coffee from a few hours away from an iron-rich meal.

The effect of coffee varies depending on the genotype. Some people do not respond to caffeine with improved performance or delayed fatigue. In the best case, caffeine simply does not work. (Did I say I have been drinking tea? It energizes me and wakes as if the coffee never goes.) In the worst case, their performance will get worse due to digestive problems (diarrhoea or convulsions).

Coffee only changes our perception of fatigue in the short term. With long-term use, we will learn to suppress our need to rest and work under pressure for a little longer, but the true fatigue and difficulty of chronic stress will still be lurking beneath the surface. A varied diet of real foods, enough sleep and mental rest assures us enough energy for sports and for a healthy, sustainable lifeway.

What to take from that?

Paracelsus figured it out: “Solely the dose determines that a thing is not a poison”.

If your coffee gets you a good start and you have it tested in training, you can give it a one-time boost for your high intensity endurance performance (cycling, swimming, running, rowing, triathlon). Dosage is either an hour before the start of sports performance (safe dose is 3mg caffeine per day)1kg of your weight), or slightly smaller amounts of power during your exercise. In life and in common practice, you’ll discover more varied ways to improve your performance and feel energised.

This article is prepared for you by..

    Danica Dobisová
Psychologist and nutritional counsellor. I help people to lose weight without dieting and forever. I follow the principles of mindful eating and teach people what and when to eat and how to create healthy eating habits. Here is more information.
You might be interested in a free eBook: Ebook: 3 návyky pro štíhlou postavu.



Hi GoFitters!

We want to write to you about the past 10 km Birrel race  in Prague.  The reason why we are writing about this is because we have a friend who has trained specifically for this event. His name is Massimo and he is a founder at, an online newspaper and media agency based in Prague. It was the first race he was going to complete and he approached us back in July for some advice on how to prepare for the event. We gave him a very basic running regime to follow  and some extra advice on how to prepare through GoFit.

As some of you might know GoFit allows you to experiment and diversify your training regime. You can use the service if you want to try a special class like Bouldering or yoga. Massimo already had a gym membership but he wanted to taste other activities outside of his gym. GoFit was a solution that it was looking for. He could never find a solution with which he was able to test different yoga Studios and CrossFit classes as he wanted to test these. All at discounted prices.

He trained at Ivengar Yoga Studio for some nice stretching sessions and at the Spartangym where he experienced some proper ass kicking conditioning.
He was able to cope this training schedule with his daily schedule which also included working at the office but also traveling around Prague for meetings. With few clicks he could find the closest studio, buy a pass and workout.

What was the result? Massimo was exposed to new studios that he did not know about before.
Through GoFit (the only Prague fitness aggregator) he found different options that suited his training needs.

What next? We had a bet if Massimo was going to be able to run the 10km below 50minutes. The bet was that the losers would pay for a pizza at pizza Amuni. won… thanks also to Gofit…

GoFit’s & Foreigners Sports MeetUp

About 30 people turned up on a sunny Saturday morning in Grebovka to complete a number of sports activities. Looked interesting that all of them were not affected too much by their Friday night but willing to push themselves beyond their limits.

The first session was a yoga session conducted by Alice of Yogalive. It was a relaxing session where Alice conducted the class through various yoga positions, stretching and meditation – relaxation exercises.

We then had Roman Lejcko of Factory Pro conducting a killer conditioning
session where everybody under his guidance enjoyed testing if they were fit
enough to complete a Fat Amy course. Who those who don’t know (and nobody
knew Saturday morning) a Fat Amy is made of a circuit of burpees, squats, crawls, lungees and other exercises that simply make you cry with a smile on your face. Just for information the whole circuit had to be completed within 20min.

We then split the session between those that wanted to go for a 5km run in the
park and those that wanted to have a foam rolling session and listen to nutrition
guidance with the guys from Moosepower  a Czech based company that focuses on providing various services in the field of adult physical performances and mental strength development. As a note 5 people took part to the running session as everyone else were more into a recovery session with Moosepower. A well done for the 5 that did it considering Roman’s session…

Both GoFit and Foreigners are very pleased with the feedback and are considering organising a new one for next month so stay tuned for more info!!!

Thank you again for your warm participation and hope that the recovery went smooth!

A nice chat with Alice of yogAlive

 At what point in your teaching career did you decide to open a yoga studio in Vinohrady?
One day I realised I didnt want to go from a studio to a studio and teach at different places, under different managament and conditions. I felt I needed my own space and environment. And I also wanted to try if I could manage all the duties connected with running a yoga studio.

What was your biggest fear or limiting belief during the process?
Before opening the studio I think I didnt have any fear or limiting belief but after I have opened it I strugled with impatience..

What is your yoga philosophy?
My yoga philosophy is that yoga is for everyone and everyone can find what suits him best. Someone can „only“ practise physical postures, someone prefers meditation and someone else his self-development. But no matter what exactly and how a person includes this into his daily life and routine, it is good. And it helps.

How do you stay up to date in the yoga industry?
I read different magazines and articles in Czech and English languages, attend various yoga courses and check what my competitors do.

What type of yoga do you teach at yogAlive?
In our studio you can join various classes, mainly hatha yoga classes which are usually more relaxed and focused on breathing. Then power yoga and ashtanga yoga which are harder, oriented on strengthening your core and at ashtanga yoga classes also becoming almost perfect by repeting the postures. We offer a a special yoga style, too, called viniyoga whici focuses on back pain and other body disbalances. I recommend this one a lot.

How did you decide upon the name?
yogAlive is a combination of words „yoga“, „alive“, „live“ and my nickname „Ali“.
Thats why it has capital letter „A“ in the middle, which many people, not surprisingly, make a mistake at.

What’s your favourite memory of opening the studio?
It was an opening party. It wasnt big but quite a lot of people came and it was very funny and I think we all enjoyed it. And also my mum was one of my first clients and she still comes to my classes. She is great!

What’s your number one piece of advice for future yoga studio owners?
Dont want to know, what you are going to go through.

What type of students does your studio serve?
We have open and private classes for adults and these are mainly women 18+ but men come, too. We also offer office yoga for people who are too busy or it is more convenient for them to practise in their offices, meeting rooms or other places.

What makes a private studio different/better than a yoga class at the gym?
It is definitely the atmosphere. In a yoga studio, it is quiet, you can light some candles, use essence sticks and also people come to a yoga class only, not any other exercise.

What advice would you give a well-practiced yogi to take their practice to the next level?
To try to bring his knowledge into the real life and his daily routine. That is a challenge.

How do you design a yoga lesson to meet the needs of your yogis?
Almost all postures can be adapted to different levels, so I always ask my students whether they are new to yoga or already have some practise. If they have some health issues, e.g. back pain, knee surgeries etc. and during the lesson I give them advice how to adjust the position to their needs and abilities.

Why is yoga important?
It is not just a physical practise but philosophy and physical exercise is just one little piece of it. It can improve your life in many ways. And it is also a great (and I would say inevitable) complement to other sports.

Why GoFit helps you to find your best fitness solution?

While the summer season approaches we thought it would be beneficial to list some of the unique benefits that GoFit has been bringing to you since its first inception so that you can maximise the best that you can out of it.

 Flexibility in your decision

GoFit is flexible, no question about that. It has been built to serve you and your daily/weekly schedule. You are able to access a unique network of facilities any time of the day. You don’t need any membership, card or pay hidden fees. It doesn’t matter when you purchase a pass all you need to know is that you will not be asked for any membership reference. Further, it is really practical if you are travelling either for pleasure or for business. All you need is your booking reference that you receive via email from us. You can now swap the below average hotel gym for something proper that can give you the confidence that you need.

 Value for money and time

GoFit brings value for money. You can access studios and facilities at discounted prices. You will not be paying the prices that others do when they purchase a pass through other portals.

GoFit brings value for time. With our system you can find your studio is short time. You won’t need to spend interminable hours in front of a computer to find the best facility. We have calculated that it takes you on average 3min 34 seconds to search, book you pass and receive you email confirmation. A clear 56min24seconds save on your time.

 Variety of fitness facilities

GoFit is Prague’s first aggregator of facilities. Our system aggregates into one different gyms, yoga studios and swimming pools. From your phone you can have access to this aggregator. You do not need anything else. Different facilities in one go. You can now go one place and at the same conditions go to another with no headaches.

GoFit is in other words a unique aggregator of the best fitness studios, classes and sports experiences that you can access whenever you want and in whichever way you wish all from one account.