Kick off winter season with yoga

Most people do not like winter season for the simple reason that they would get sick easily. It starts with a cold that then gets worse and worse. Yoga can be your protective cover during cold months and helps you fight infections and laziness. We all know that feeling of hiding under the bed covers on a cold winter morning, however, do yourself a favor and make the effort to exercise yoga!

Check our 4 simple reasons why you should try it with yoga this winter.

1. Use yoga to boost you energy & immune system

As days are getting shorter, evenings darker and air colder our body starts to feel tired. Yoga is an amazing natural way to boost your body energy. Start your day with yoga to kick your body up. It is not going to help just to boost your energy but exercising yoga also helps keep your immune system in cold months. As we spend so much time indoor we are more prone to infect each other. Yoga helps to clean your body, fight the germs and lowers our stress level; all of which provide an immune boost.

2. Practice yoga to keep your body balanced

Cold days, holidays, Christmas etc etc. Seems like winter gives us always reason to spoil ourselves. All the holiday treats, cookies, drinks and loads of heavy food makes our body to go out of shape fairly quickly. Practicing yoga in this period of the year will help you keep your body in balance. Enjoy you holiday treats and next day burn it off with yoga.

3. Yoga helps to keep your mood better

The winter season can often causes feelings of sadness and depression, as we do not have so much sunlight as in the summer. Also holiday season can be pretty stressful. Yoga class in these days can help you kick the negativity out of you. Spend one hour with yoga and meditation, you will see the difference fairly quickly. Happiness is a state of mind, if your body and mind will be calm, you will be happy and calm.

4. Keeps you warm

The cold makes you feel stiff and sluggish. All are more reasons to practice.

Warming up your muscles and joints is good for the body, improving circulation, reducing stiffness and cramping, and helping you warm up. Building heat from the inside can keep you moving all day.

Namaste to All and lets all get into Downward Dog!!!!