Half marathon Advice – Part I

7th April 2018 is an important date for me. It is going to be the date on which I will (fingers crossed!) be running the Prague Half Marathon.

Before then (25th March 2018) I will be running the Stramilano for the 3rd time. It is a race that I hold at heart. I enjoy the city and the race normally starts off the running season. Overall Half Marathons are my thing; it is where I get into the zone. I love the right balance between running fast and also a fairly long distance. Everything seems to fit together when I do a half marathon, both mentally and physically. Maybe because it does not require the same training as a full marathon, maybe because I am more built for shorter distances, but so far it all comes naturally. I have completed full marathons but these require proper full immersion training (and talent). I do not know what it requires to complete a good half marathon. One would say good training, loads of repetition runs (bring them on!!!!) but instead of the usual advices I would like to share my personal touch on half marathons. It might be that you have read it already somewhere else but this is mine and by all means don’t hesitate to let me know your comments!

1) Ask yourself why do you run. What motivates you – What are your core values, beliefs & objectives? At this moment I am reassessing everything. 2018 is my year for doing that. My objective is to understand once and for all which type of runner am I and to concentrate my efforts in improving.

2) Establish which running category you belong to. Obviously you have to ask yourself if you prefer half or full marathons. Actually you may consider a 10km run, and if you like it, then gradually raise the bar. I would definitely advise trying the half before going for a full marathon.

3) Set your objectives and goals according to your life/work schedule. This is key – there’s no point in trying a full marathon if you can’t train properly for the event, or you realise that you can’t afford the time/effort needed for the preparation.

4) Linked with 3 is setting out a proper running schedule. Do you research, listen to your body, understand what type of training you can sustain during the week and over the weekend too and execute. Don’t go all in immediately but build up gradually your stamina and resistance to running.

5) Enjoy! In the end its all about enjoying your hobby. Don’t over do it!!!