Everyone wants to achieve something in life. For most people, the journey begins by setting a specific, challenging, achievable goal.

Some time ago I set my goal to finish half marathon run. Exactly how the goal supposed to be my goal was to be challenging, measurable, motivating, realistic and exciting. I did not forget to visualize the achievement of the goal, I saw myself crossing the finish line and felt the right excitement, joy, and satisfaction from completing the race.

 I chose the proper training process to achieve a reasonable 2 hours for me to run the half marathon. I found and studied information about what I need to complete the run, I divided my training into weekly sections, running, fitness and strength training sessions as well as days and ways to relax and unwind. So I went on a training trip to a half marathon race. I’ve enjoyed whole training time and then the day D came and I was standing at the start of the race. The whole race, 21 kilometers was amazing. I ran relaxed and enjoyed every meter of the track. And then.  After crossing the finish line and tearing the finish tape was … the end. Goal accomplished. The feeling of pride and satisfaction but very soon outweighed feelings like – What next? I realized that the great process to reach my dream was over and I had to find and set another, different goal. I had to revise my dreams again and choose another one.

 That was probably the most challenging part of the process. I realized that the goal itself was not really the most important thing. It actually served as a beacon to which I’ve been heading. I changed the word goal to the word destination. As a place to arrive and then I can go on. I realized that the path that leads to the destination is the most important and entertaining part of the process. It is the strategy that keeps conscious control of each step. Do you think that when you focus instead of goal rather on strategy, on the quality of your training, do you reach the goal? I think so. To me, it sounds like the goal says: „you’re not good enough. Once you’ll reach me you’ll be good and happy“. Kind distressing, isn’t it?

 Still, I don’t mean to say that the goals are useless. We know where we are going, where we want to arrive. By my experience as a coach and human, I‘m sure much more effective is to focus on the system. The process and every single step we bravely take towards the goal. And of course, because the present moment can change things during the process, our direction and goal may change. We can find that our preferences and expectations have changed on the way. For example, from the half marathon, the entire marathon is the goal. But the path we are going through continues every step forward. So think about the strategy, the process that accompanies us at every step of what we do. Aiming to what and who we want to be is crucial. That’s what I really enjoy. And remember. We’re always good enough.

Are your steps well planned? Let‘s go!

This article is prepared for you by:

Roman Lejčko

Life Coach and Personal Trainer. I help others on their way to a great physical and mental condition. Looking back over my life experiences I see the progress of human life is going through. Not always easy with lots of challenges. I’m here to guide you through challenges on your life path down to joyful life. Some more info about me.