A nice chat with Alice of yogAlive

 At what point in your teaching career did you decide to open a yoga studio in Vinohrady?
One day I realised I didnt want to go from a studio to a studio and teach at different places, under different managament and conditions. I felt I needed my own space and environment. And I also wanted to try if I could manage all the duties connected with running a yoga studio.

What was your biggest fear or limiting belief during the process?
Before opening the studio I think I didnt have any fear or limiting belief but after I have opened it I strugled with impatience..

What is your yoga philosophy?
My yoga philosophy is that yoga is for everyone and everyone can find what suits him best. Someone can „only“ practise physical postures, someone prefers meditation and someone else his self-development. But no matter what exactly and how a person includes this into his daily life and routine, it is good. And it helps.

How do you stay up to date in the yoga industry?
I read different magazines and articles in Czech and English languages, attend various yoga courses and check what my competitors do.

What type of yoga do you teach at yogAlive?
In our studio you can join various classes, mainly hatha yoga classes which are usually more relaxed and focused on breathing. Then power yoga and ashtanga yoga which are harder, oriented on strengthening your core and at ashtanga yoga classes also becoming almost perfect by repeting the postures. We offer a a special yoga style, too, called viniyoga whici focuses on back pain and other body disbalances. I recommend this one a lot.

How did you decide upon the name?
yogAlive is a combination of words „yoga“, „alive“, „live“ and my nickname „Ali“.
Thats why it has capital letter „A“ in the middle, which many people, not surprisingly, make a mistake at.

What’s your favourite memory of opening the studio?
It was an opening party. It wasnt big but quite a lot of people came and it was very funny and I think we all enjoyed it. And also my mum was one of my first clients and she still comes to my classes. She is great!

What’s your number one piece of advice for future yoga studio owners?
Dont want to know, what you are going to go through.

What type of students does your studio serve?
We have open and private classes for adults and these are mainly women 18+ but men come, too. We also offer office yoga for people who are too busy or it is more convenient for them to practise in their offices, meeting rooms or other places.

What makes a private studio different/better than a yoga class at the gym?
It is definitely the atmosphere. In a yoga studio, it is quiet, you can light some candles, use essence sticks and also people come to a yoga class only, not any other exercise.

What advice would you give a well-practiced yogi to take their practice to the next level?
To try to bring his knowledge into the real life and his daily routine. That is a challenge.

How do you design a yoga lesson to meet the needs of your yogis?
Almost all postures can be adapted to different levels, so I always ask my students whether they are new to yoga or already have some practise. If they have some health issues, e.g. back pain, knee surgeries etc. and during the lesson I give them advice how to adjust the position to their needs and abilities.

Why is yoga important?
It is not just a physical practise but philosophy and physical exercise is just one little piece of it. It can improve your life in many ways. And it is also a great (and I would say inevitable) complement to other sports.